Glass Supplier

Raw Materials

Analysis – Provide advice on report, sampling and testing requirements, review reports and develop plans to optimise the process. Conduct a review of raw materials and glass, including sizing, composition, moisture and physical properties.

Batching Process – Review batch house design, operational and performance limitations and development of improvement plans. Including, mixed batch transportation, segregation, storage design, batch recipes, raw material substitutions, changes in operation.

Recycled Glass

Analysis – Provide advice on report and testing requirements, review reports, develop plans to optimise the process. Review cullet physical properties, the type and quantity of contaminants and provide improvement plans. 

Process – Review cullet plant undersize and waste stream processing, operations and provide guidance for remedial actions.

Mould Gear

Audit – Independently auditing and improving mould supplier performance and relationship to improve quality and profitability. Inspection of mould supplier facilities, processes and quality checks with full report and collaborative improvement plan.

Packaging Materials

Materials – Support with designmaterials selection and configuration with sustainability and environmentally friendly considerations.

Equipment – Optimise equipment operation, including palletisers, shrink wrapper, baggers and strappers.